Emergency equipment and first aid kits

Accidents can happen to anyone. You don’t need to be a medical professional to make the right move that can make a world of a difference during an emergency. A first-aid kit is often a necessary during a crisis. Our selection of merchandise will meet all expectations, for every day or occasional use.

If you operate a business in Canada, you should know that all buildings must be equipped with one first-aid kit or more. We certify that our kits meet or even exceed minimum requirements established by regulatory bodies.

We boast a large selection of first aid kits designed for businesses, automobiles, homes, outdoor activities and trips, used as promotional gifts, or for specific injuries such as burns or major emergencies (trauma kits). At Sylprotec, we stand out by the quality of materials in our first aid kits.

Looking for emergency equipment and complete first aid kits

A multitude of dangerous situations present themselves to us on a daily basis. Don’t wait until you have an accident to act. Scratches, cuts, burns, infections, contamination and other unwanted situations await a moment of inattention on your part.

At Sylprotec, we offer a very wide range of first aid kit products to meet your needs. Whether it’s a first aid kit for your home, your business, an excursion or a trip, … we have it. Regularly check the contents of your first aid kits. You never know if someone has used a product and has not replaced it.

Act now before an accident occurs. An emergency can happen at any time.

The groups of products for emergency situations that are currently offered by Sylprotec are as follows:

Thermal bags
Eye showers
Emergency showers
Products for resuscitation
Stretchers, backboard
First aid kit
Burn kits
And other materials for first aid rooms


You will be able to obtain the products mentioned with Sylprotec, either at their boutique in Saint-Léonard or online. In addition, you can also purchase safety equipment and other items for your fire protection. Once on the site, you will have access to a host of safety items such as respiratorsasbestos decontamination items, posters and much more…

Sylvain Patrice f.p.t.

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